Update: On Seagull Hunt and a Little Suprise

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we’ve been hard at work…but not on Seagull Hunt! We decided to take a break on Seagull Hunt and work on a pong styled game. But this is no ordinary pong game! I will be able to talk more about it in the coming weeks.



Minecraft creator makes “Minicraft” for Ludum Dare 22

Markus Persson, also known as Notch, has made a smaller version of Minecraft called Minicraft. It’s basically a 2D version of Minecraft. It was made for the 48/72 hour competition Ludum Dare 22. It’s amazing what he accomplished in such a short time period.

Want to try it? Your in luck. You can play it HERE for FREE. You may need to download Java in order to play it.

Or you can just take a look below.

Pixel Art: The Evolution of Seagull Hunts Background Part 2

Just when I thought I was done, new problems arise. It’s interesting how different problems become noticeable over time.

The major problem was that it looked too flat and 2 dimensional. After some thinking, testing and experimenting, I began to see the solution. So lets start where we left off.

1. The building in this background looks so…flat. I couldn’t figure out what to do, but then I remembered that shading is what gives something depth.

2. There we go! All that was needed, was a darker shade of the middle color on the bottom and a lighter shade of the middle color on top.

3. Here I did the same thing to the middle column coming downwards. I also added a shadow to it at the top, on the right side of it.

4. The big change here is the sky. I think it makes everything look more vibrant. I started with a darker blue at the top and gradually made it lighter, about every 19 pixels.

Here’s a side by comparison:



It’s subtle difference, but makes a big difference overall. The only question now: “Is it finished?”